Whatever your goals may be, from our free Basic Checking account to our Interest Checking, Eastern Michigan University Credit Union has the checking account you've been looking for.

Overdraft Protection Options

The Eastern Michigan University Credit Union offers several options to help you avoid NSF (Non-Sufficient Fund) by setting up an overdraft protection. With overdraft protection, funds are automatically transferred from your EMUCU savings, Visa or Line-of-Credit for only $2.00 per transaction if you spend more than you had expected.  Without one of these great options, you will be charged a NSF of $30.00 each time a check or preauthorized withdrawal is presented.

Type of Overdraft Protection Description Associated Fees/Charges
From Your EMUCU Savings Account Set up when you open your checking account. When a check or approved electronic payment can't be covered by your checking account, available funds are automatically transferred from your UMCU Savings Account to cover the check. $2.00 per transaction.
From Your EMUCU Visa Funds can be automatically transferred from your Visa account to cover the check or approved electronic payment. Your credit limit will not be exceeded to pay the item. $2.00 per transaction.
From a Line-of-Credit The unsecured Line of Credit Loan is a revolving loan much like a credit card, in which funds become available again to borrowers as payments are made and applied to the principal balance. $2.00 per transaction.

We may pay checks or drafts, permit withdrawals, and make transfers from your account for insufficient available funds if you have established an overdraft protection plan or, if you do not have such a plan with us, in accordance with our overdraft payment policy. Your account may be subject to a charge for each overdraft regardless of whether we pay or return the overdraft. For ATM and one-time debit transactions, you must consent to the Credit Union’s overdraft protection plan in order for the transaction amount to be covered under the plan. Without your consent, the Credit Union may not authorize and pay an overdraft resulting from these types of transactions.


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