Young Members

Eastern Michigan University Credit Union knows the importance of good savings habits at any age. That’s why we offer several programs to help develop these valuable skills. Discover how your son or daughter can enroll in one of our many programs that show youth extra ways to save and shop. Check out our Financial Little League, Financial Minor League, and Financial Major League accounts.

Financial Minor League (Ages 11-14)

Teaching youth about money is a critical step in preparing them for the future. Through UMCU's fun and engaging Minor League workshop, students will learn about finances and be ready to make decisions at pivotal points in their development and financial lives.

Core Workshop Topics:

  • Functions and purpose of a Credit Union
  • Breaking down needs vs. wants
  • Applying consumer skills to saving and spending decisions
  • Understanding opportunity cost
  • Evaluating their strengths and passions vs. future jobs

Help your child hit a financial homerun by enrolling them today!

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