About Eastern Michigan University Credit Union

Eastern Michigan University Financial merged with University of Michigan Credit Union  (UMCU) in January 2014 to create Eastern Michigan University Credit Union (EMUCU). UMCU was chosen because of its experience and commitment to the educational community. In its more than sixty year history, it has remained focused on serving students, faculty, staff and alumni of the university. Through this experience, they have developed products and services that fit the unique needs of the higher education community. UMCU understands and recognizes the importance of university affiliations and relationships, which is why EMUCU has maintained their EMU brand.

About the University of Michigan Credit Union


As a member owned, not-for-profit cooperative, the University of Michigan Credit Union (UMCU) is locally focused and fully connected to our members, the University and the community.  Established in 1954, UMCU is the only credit union headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and our purpose is to aMAIZE our members, community, and team by working together for our shared success. With seven offices in Ann Arbor, a branch in Ypsilanti, a branch in Dearborn and three branches in Flint (office locations and hours), we are here to serve all of your financial needs.

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UMCU Financial Highlights

The University of Michigan Credit Union does not invest in risky ventures. It invests primarily in YOU and your fellow member owners in the form of prudent loans which are repaid on a timely basis. Our loan portfolio is carefully monitored to ensure that a balance is maintained with a variety of consumer and real estate loans. Funds are also conservatively invested, with over 90% of the investment portfolio placed in government agency securities.

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