Choosing the Credit Card that fits you!

Whether you are looking for a lower interest rate card or one with a cash-back bonus, EMUCU has a credit card that will fit your needs. Visa is the most widely accepted card available and can be used for traveling, shopping, or to take care of extra expenses. Take advantage of the security, flexibility, and convenience that come with a Visa card.

The Visa Platinum OptimUM offers an amazingly low interest rate of only 8.99% Annual Percentage Rate. So if you carry a balance or if you've been thinking about saving money by paying off those higher interest rate credit cards, this is the card for you! Plus, we'll help you close out those higher interest rate credit cards so you'll have one easy monthly payment.

The Visa Platinum Cash Rewards provides a monthly cash back bonus of 1.10% on purchases and a low interest rate of 12.99% Annual Percentage Rate. This card provides the flexibility and rewards that you've been looking for!

  Visa Platinum OptimUM Visa Platinum Cash Rewards
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 8.99% 12.99%
Cash Back No Yes - 1.10% on purchases
Annual Fee None None
Overdraft Option Yes Yes

Click here to view the Visa Platinum OptimUM Credit Card Disclosures and Agreement.

Click here to view the Visa Platinum Cash Rewards Credit Card Disclosures and Agreement.

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