Other Services

EMUCU offers a wide range a services to fit your needs. In addition to the tabbed areas, EMUCU offers:

  • Cashier's Checks - suitable for times when a personal check is not acceptable, such as real estate closings, automobile purchases, apartment deposits, etc. Cashier's checks are guaranteed and are available at all branch locations.
  • Notary Public - signatures are notarized to protect against document fraud, certify that the signature is genuine and was made willingly and freely. Notary Public is available at all branch locations. If possible, call ahead to verify that a Notary will be there when you are visiting. This service is free to UMCU members, and $10 for Non-Members.
  • Signature Services - through this service, the credit union is pledging that a signature is genuine. We can guarantee signatures on values up to $500,000. Signature Service is available at all
    branch locations  The cost is $5.00 and no appointment is necessary.


Coin Counter

Do you have a jar filled with coins sitting on your shelf at home? Take it to our 333 E. William branch, 2601 Plymouth Road branch, 4440 Jackson Road branch or 2725 S. State Street branch and use the coin counter in the lobby.

It's easy. Feed the coins into the machine and it will print a receipt. Take the receipt to a teller for deposit to your account or to receive cash back. This service is free for EMUCU members. A small 7% fee is applied to the total for non-members.

Enjoy the convenience and time-saving feature of our coin counters. You'll never have to manually count coins again!

EMU Financial FRC Calculators
To report your Visa credit/debit card lost/stolen after hours call: 1-800-991-4965
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